Nov 042013
MVP Community Day \ PowerShell Day 9th Nov'2013 | Gurgaon

Dear Friends, This Saturday (9th Nov’2013) South East Asia MVP Community is celebrating MVP Community Day, a day dedicated to Knowledge sharing & Learning.   On this very day New Delhi PowerShell User Group is organizing an event in Gurgaon, and luckily my session “Managing SQL Server using PowerShell” has been selected. Aman Dhally (PowerShell [Read More]

Oct 182013
SQLServer Day 26th October 2013 | Gurgaon | Bangalore | Hyderabad

Hi Friends, is planning a multi city SQLServerDay, Yes – This time on 26th October 2013 we are doing Free SQLServerDay in three cities in India: Bangalore, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. We bring you 6 rock star speakers and 6 intriguing sessions. This is yet another opportunity to learn maximum from across India. Sessions [Read More]

Oct 172013
Find Users with DBOwner Database role

Scenario: Auditors need a list of Users who have DBOwner Database role on any of the database which are hosted on Tier 1 Servers. Giving this information was Very easy for few servers where the DBCount was around 10 to 20, but we also have 8 SharePoint servers each hosting 200-350 DBs. Extracting this information [Read More]

Sep 092013

Check Database consistency at-least once every month. Related posts: Best Practice No.5 Best Practice No.6 Best Practice No.22 Best Practice No.11 Best Practice No.25

Sep 052013

Do proper capacity planning for the growth of your Transaction log file and size them accordingly – don’t leave it to Auto-grow on default setting to avoid performance hit. Transaction Log files cannot take advantage of Instant File Initialization. Related posts: SQL Tip-3 | Don’t Shrink your Database Best Practice No.5 Best Practice No.6 Best [Read More]

Sep 022013

In your backup strategy avoid taking daily backups of your read-only databases, monthly full backup is more than enough. Related posts: Best Practice No.20 Best Practice No.14 Best Practice No.6 Best Practice No.33 Best Practice No.18

Sep 022013
SQLServer Day 14th September 2013 | Gurgaon

Hi Friends, cordially invites you to SQL Server Day, the monthly dose of SQL Server knowledge & learning. And this time we are coming to two cities in India; Gurgaon & Hyderabad. This is yet another opportunity to learn. The Sessions are Troubleshooting Deadlocks, How to use SQLDiag and SQL Nexus, Hekaton (In-Memory) Database SQL [Read More]