2 Days Training on SQL Server 2014 delivered for Microsoft | Bangalore | 11-12-March’14

Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Learn about Microsoft’s approach to delivering cutting edge database solutions and an analytics platform that offers agile self-service business intelligence, scalable insights across multiple data types, and robust data management and warehousing capabilities.

The training is  tailored for partner Application and Database subject matter experts to help scale out technical enablement on In-memory databases, enterprise cloud, and big data. This covers the following technologies including Microsoft SQL Server Roadmap, Azure SQL Database, and Modern Warehousing


11-12-March-2014 Bangalore 2 days SQL Server 2014 Training

Sarabpreet Singh Anand

SQLServer - MVP Sarabpreet is SQLServer MVP, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger and Community Lead. You can find him speaking at a local UG Event or a SQL Webcast. He has 11+ years of Experience and worked with Industry Leaders. He has many SQL Certifications under his belt. His core competency lies in administration of SQL Server. Always ready to help, online \offline. His life’s mantra is “Knowledge Increases by sharing so, Pass it on”.

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