May 102016

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is the infrastructure for management data and operations on Windows-based operating systems. WMI is the Microsoft implementation of Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM), which is an industry initiative to develop a standard technology for accessing management information in an enterprise environment. The ability to obtain management data from remote computers is what [Read More]

Apr 212016
How to find the Isolation level being used by a Database?

Hi Friends, Recently i was preparing a Dashboard sheet for one of our critical Box. The Client was having a long list of  Requirements and one odd requirement was to embbed the Isolation level being used for every Database. This was a unique requirement for me and i never knew how to get this, but [Read More]

Apr 022016
Compare Data in Two SQLServer Tables without Any 3rd-Party Tool

For comparing data in tables you don’t need any 3rd party tool, SQL Server ships with the tablediff utility which can be used to compare the data in two tables. You can use it for troubleshooting replication. This utility can be used from the command prompt or in a batch file to perform the following [Read More]

Mar 312016
What all changes require a restart of SQL Service?

Question of the day: What all changes require a restart of SQL Service? Let’s say you get a request to change a SQL Server setting and you don’t know whether it requires a restart of SQL Service to take into affect or not, now what will you do? You’ve left with following options: Ask someone [Read More]

Mar 302016

FULL Recovery model: This means that all database changes are fully logged and ideally the log records should stay in the log file until the log records are safely stored away\backed up in a Transaction Log backup. As per MSDN:  If a DB is in Full Recovery Model, then No work is lost due to [Read More]

Mar 212016

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 introduced 14 new built in functions. These new functions are: Conversion functions PARSE TRY_CONVERT TRY_PARSE Date and time functions DATEFROMPARTS DATETIME2FROMPARTS DATETIMEFROMPARTS DATETIMEOFFSETFROMPARTS EOMONTH SMALLDATETIMEFROMPARTS TIMEFROMPARTS Logical functions CHOOSE IIF String functions CONCAT FORMAT In addition to the 14 new functions, one existing function has been changed. The existing LOG function [Read More]

Mar 192016

Hi Friends, Have you ever noticed, while taking a compressed backup the file which gets created initially has a different size than the final file size when the backup completes. To be more precise, the file which gets created initially allocates more space than the final backup file size.   But the question is why? [Read More]