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If you have to use Profiler on your production SQL Servers – filter as much as you can, configure profiler from a remote machine and do not save the profiler trace on the same production box. Rather prefer using server-side trace.
Note: Profiler is deprecated now, start using Extended Events – they are very light weight.

Rebuild can certainly remove Fragmentation but if the page count is less than 1000 pages, Rebuild is not required.

Configure your anti-virus to exclude all your Database related files namely (mdf, ndf, ldf, trn, bak, log, tuf and other files)

Keep Guest account disabled for all your User Databases.

Provide appropriate Fill Factor while creating\rebuilding Indexes to avoid\minimize fragmentation.

Make sure Auto_Close is disabled for all Databases on your Production Servers.

Make sure you configure SQL Server to run on a NON Default port.

Keep Backup and Database files on separate disk to avoid single point of failure.