25 Feb

Benefits of using Windows Azure Storage

Everybody is talking about Cloud now a days, its the next big thing in the market and we are curious to know more about it. Microsoft introduced Windows Azure Storage features long time back but we are still not aware about its full potential.

Azure storage accounts provides many great features but for the sake of brevity let’s look at some really cool things you must be aware of as an end user:

  1. Nearly bottomless storage: you don’t have to worry about how much storage we have and how to manage your devices.
  2. No Provisioning is required:
  3. Relatively economical Option: It is comparatively cheaper than having on-premise storage with so many capabilities.
  4. No Device management: you don’t have to bother about device management.
  5. Geo-Redundant: Provides a capability of Geo-Redundant.
  6. Media Safety.
  7. Remote Accessibility: You can access the data anywhere.
  8. Flexible, reliable, and limitless off-site storage: no need to ship the backup tapes to Offsite location to meet Compliance and prepare for DR.

To know more about the storage accounts and its pricing, please check the below link:http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/storage/



Sarabpreet Singh

21 Jul

Virtual Tech Conference | 1st August 2013 | 4PM till 10PM

Here is another chance to learn from MVPs. Microsoft & MVPs present VTC – Virtual Tech Conference – 12 Hours of non stop learning.

Register Today & Block your Seat, here are the URLs and the complete Agenda.

To Register for
Dev: http://aka.ms/Ozhcyh
IT Pro: http://aka.ms/Uu9msj

VTC image




Dev Track Sessions

4:00PM IST/6:30AM EST

Karthikeyan Anbarasan

VTC – Create Cross Platform apps effectively with Portable Class Libraries
Session Agenda:

· Cross platform app development

· Portable Class Library

· MVVM pattern for WP

5:00PM IST/7:30AM EST

Niraj Bhatt

VTC – Introduction to Windows Azure Active Directory

Session Agenda:

· Windows Azure


· Mobile Services

· Active Directory

· Identity

6:00PM IST/8:30AM EST

Vishnu Tiwari

VTC – Integrating On-premise SQL Server with Salesforce using BizTalk Server 2013

Session Agenda:

· Introduction to BizTalk 2013

· Communication between On-premise and cloud

· New BizTalk 2013 adapters to support On-premise and cloud integration

· Context for Salesforce and On-premise SQL Integration

· Unearthing various integration components

7:00PM IST/9:30AM EST

Nauzad Kapadia

VTC – OAuth and the App security model in SharePoint 2013

Session Agenda:

· Introduction to new Security Model for Apps

· OAuth 2.0 support in SharePoint 2013

· S2S High Trust protocol

8:00PM IST/10:30AM EST

Ashutosh Singh

VTC – Enriching SharePoint Search using FAST

Session Agenda:

· Overview of Search in SharePoint

· Overview of FAST 4 SharePoint

· Pipeline Extensibility for FAST and its advantages

· SharePoint 2013 & Enrichment of search results

9:00PM IST/11:30AM EST

Dr Nitin Paranjape

VTC – What every developer should know about Office

Session Agenda:

· Code Compatibility

· Object model nuances

· Understanding Excel List Object

· Methods available for dumping raw data for user level usage

· How to prevent rewriting existing features





IT Pro Track Sessions

4:00PM IST/6:30AM EST

Shantanu Kaushik

VTC – Preparing and Deploying Windows 8

Session Agenda:

· Application Compatibility

· User state migration

· Pre-install Environment

· Volume activation

· Deployment Options

· Performance and assessment toolkit

5:00PM IST/7:30AM EST

Geetesh Bajaj

VTC – Working with Flowcharts in Microsoft Office

Session Agenda:

· Working with Flowcharts

· Why Word, Excel, and PowerPoint?

· Flowchart Symbols

· Working with Connectors

· Quick Flowcharts with SmartArt

6:00PM IST/8:30AM EST

Sundararajan Narasiman

VTC – SharePoint 2013 App Model – SharePoint Hosted Apps

Session Agenda:

· SharePoint 2013 App Model

· SharePoint Hosted Apps

· Auto Hosted Apps

7:00PM IST/9:30AM EST

Ravikanth C

VTC – Desired State Configuration in PowerShell 4.0

Session Agenda: This is a demo oriented session. In this session, we will look at an introduction to DSC and see how the system administrators and DevOps teams can benefit from this feature.

8:00PM IST/10:30AM EST

Ratish Nair

VTC – Exchange Server 2013 Load balancing and Outlook Client Connectivity

Session Agenda:

· Exchange server 2013 – an overview of features

· Relevance of load balancing with Exchange 2013

· Configuring Exchange 2013 for load balancing

· Differences between Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing

· Details on outlook client connectivity – the connection process

· Troubleshooting issues with load balancing

9:00PM IST/11:30AM EST

Prabhat Nigam

VTC – Exchange 2013 – Database Availability Group and Auto Reseed

Session Agenda:

· DAG and Auto Reseed overview

· Benefits of DAG and Auto Reseed

· Getting started with DAG and Auto reseed.

· Configure DAG

· Configure Auto Reseed

Happy Learning Smile

19 Dec

Blessed with a Baby Girl

Hi Friends,

If you are following me or my activities you might have missed me for last couple of weeks, I was actually busy with my family and now since everything is normal I want to share a good news. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl on 4th of Dec-2012. Party smile

My Sweet Little Baby
My Sweet Little Baby

It was really a tough time for both (my wife & kid), since she’s a premature baby there were some complications but with God’s grace now everything is back to normal (sort of). And there is another good newsWinking smile, you’ll again see me in action very soon. Smile

We are planning our schedule for the next calendar Year (2013) & we’ll bring some new enhancements to our website (SQLServerGeeks.com).

Till Then Happy Learning!

13 Nov

Happy Diwali – Say no to Crackers

Hi Friends,

A Very Happy Diwali To You & Your Family May God Give You All That You Want & Need In Your Life.

Enjoy The Festival With Lots Of Light. And Say NO to Crackers.

With the evolution of the lifestyle, there has been certain change in the way people celebrate Diwali, as more and more technology has been included, but the zeal and the spirit of celebration remains the same. Earthen lamps may have been replaced with stunning electric illuminations, dress code may have changed, but the custom and tradition of performing puja has been carried very well through generations.


While enjoying Diwali join the noble cause to save the environment & Say No to Crackers


To Know more about Diwali history

The history of Diwali is replete with legends and these legends are moored to the stories of Hindu religious scriptures, mostly the Puranas. Though the central theme of all legends point out to the classic truth of the victory of the good over the evils, the mode of their presentation and the characters differ. Diwali, being the festival of lights, lighting the lamp of knowledge within us means to understand and reflect upon the significant purpose of each of the five days of festivities and to bring those thoughts in to the day to day lives.
The five day of Diwali
The first day of Diwali is called Dhanvantari Triodasi or Dhanwantari Triodasi also called Dhan Theras. The second day of Diwali is called Narak Chaturdasi. It is the fourteenth lunar day (thithi) of the dark forthnight of the month of Kartik and the eve of Diwali. On this day Lord Krishna destroyed the demon Narakasur and made the world free from fear. The third day of Diwali is the actual Diwali. This is the day when worship for Mother Lakshmi is performed. On the fourth day of Diwali, Goverdhan Pooja is performed. The fifth day of the diwali is called Bhratri Dooj. It is a day dedicated to sisters.

Hindu Mythology
The Story of Rama and Sita: Lord Rama was a great warrior King who was exiled by his father Dashratha, the King of Ayodhya, along with his wife Sita and his younger brother Lakshman, on his wife’s insistence. Lord Rama returned to his Kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, in which he put an end to the demon Ravana of Lanka, who was a great Pundit, highly learned but still evil dominated his mind. After this victory of Good over Evil, Rama returned to Ayodhya. In Ayodhya, the people welcomed them by lighting rows of clay lamps. So, it is an occasion in honor of Rama’s victory over Ravana; of Truth’s victory over Evil.
The Story of King Bali and Vamana Avatar(the Dwarf): The other story concerns King Bali, who was a generous ruler. But he was also very ambitious. Some of the Gods pleaded Vishnu to check King Bali’s power. Vishnu came to earth in the form of a Vamana(dwarf) dressed as priest. The dwarf approached King Bali and said “You are the ruler of the three worlds: the Earth, the world above the skies and the underworld. Would you give me the space that I could cover with three strides?” King Bali laughed. Surely a dwarf could not cover much ground, thought the King, who agreed to dwarf’s request. At this point, the dwarf changed into Vishnu and his three strides covered the Earth, the Skies and the whole Universe! King Bali was send to the underworld. As part of Diwali celebrations, some Hindus remember King Bali.
The Defeat of Narkasur by Lord Krishna: Lord Vishnu in his 8th incarnation as Krishna destroyed the demon Narkasura, who was causing great unhappiness amongst the people of the world. Narkasura was believed to be a demon of filth, covered in dirt. He used to kidnap beautiful young women and force them to live with him. Eventually, their cries for rescue were heard by Vishnu, who came in the form of Krishna. First, Krishna had to fight with a five-headed monster who guarded the demon’s home. Narkasura hoped that his death might bring joy to others. Krishna granted his request and the women were freed. For Hindus, this story is a reminder that good can still come out of evil.
Krishna and The Mountain: In the village of Gokula, many years ago, the people prayed to the God Indra. They believed that Indra sent the rains, which made their crops, grow. But Krishna came along and persuaded the people to worship the mountain Govardhan, because the mountain and the land around it were fertile. This did not please Indra. He sent thunder and torrential rain down on the village. The people cried to Krishna to help. Krishna saved the villagers by lifting the top of the mountain with his finger. The offering of food to God on this day of Diwali is a reminder to Hindus of the importance of food and it is a time for being thankful to God for the bounty of nature. 

Sikh Festival Diwali
In Sikh perspective, Diwali is celebrated as the return of the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Ji from the captivity of the city, Gwalior. To commemorate his undying love for Sikhism, the towns people lit the way to, Harmandhir Sahib (referred to as the Golden Temple), in his honour.

Jain Festival Diwali
Among the Jain festivals, Diwali is one of the most important one. For on this occasion we celebrate the Nirvana of Lord Mahavira who established the dharma as we follow it. Lord Mahavira was born as Vardhamana on Chaitra Shukla 13th in the Nata clan at Khattiya-kundapura, near Vaishali. He obtained Kevala Gyana on Vishakha Shukla 10 at the Jambhraka village on the banks of Rijukula river at the age of 42.


Enjoy the Festival.

5 Oct

How to choose a profession?

Hi Friends,

Choosing a career is not a rocket science but the decision should be yours & unaffected by all other forces.

I don’t know about rest of the world but here in India almost every other student chooses a career without even knowing what is actually expected out of them in the given profession and what kind of life they’ll be living.

One chooses a course\technology mainly based on three reasons and unfortunately all these reasons are affected by others and they jump into conclusion and decide the career on vague parameters.


  1. The career counselor is suggesting to Opt Technology X so go for it.
  2. Family friend or elder cousin is already working on Technology Y from last n number of years, he is well settled and earn a lot , So decision taken I (or sometimes family decides that my son or daughter) will choose this as a career.
  3. I did a course in Technology Z but currently there is no opening for the same or I was unable to crack an interview and landed to a job which needs technology A so from now onwards Technology A becomes focus.

Now if you analyze the reasons carefully none of them was decided properly by the candidate and this is what leads to unsatisfied professionals.

Deciding a career is very crucial, it’s not just about the monetary factor, but it’s about:

  • Satisfaction
  • Desire to excel at something
  • Suitability
  • Life you want
  • And Much MORE.

So, How to choose a right career? Let’s say you are a young aspirant who knows SQL basics and want to Opt it as your career, now the question arises whether I should go for SQL Server or not, is it good for me?


Choose a Field

Knowing the basics doesn’t qualifies for opting it as your profession, you might not have seen the other side of the coin (so called Big Picture), you should look for more useful and meaningful info about the same. SQL Server is a Technology which is very vast and there are multiple tracks to choose from, like: (Not in any specific order)

  1.  DBA
  2.  Developer
  3.  BI Expert
  4.  Consultant
  5.  Trainer
  6.  Etc

Strength – Interest Now, you should first identify your strengths and interest, they go hand in hand.For Example: If you are good in creating logics and love to code, Development is the best match for you.

There could be a possibility that you are good at creating Excel dashboard reports and PowerPoint presentations but you don’t like doing it, you do it just to get good marks and since you know it more than anyone in the classroom that doesn’t mean you should opt it as your profession.

Then comes Desire\wish What are your desires to achieve in life, what type of life\work you wish to do – and this all should be realistic.

If you are good in SQL and you like to troubleshoot things but you don’t see yourself extending your shifts almost every other day & you hate 24*7 shifts then DBA as a career is a BIG NO-NO for you.

Other things: You may also want to know pros and cons of these tracks, Pressure involved, criticality, 24*7 Shifts (generally a must for DBA) or General Shift(9-6 Job).

Ask yourself, what kind of profession you are looking.

You might not take it seriously right now, but trust me it’s not that easy to change your profession or track. So decide very carefully and stick to it.

Sarabpreet Singh

5 Jul

Powershell for SQL Server

Hi Guys,

I am going to start a new blog on “Powershell for SQL Server”.


Enjoy Smile

Sarabpreet Singh