Jul 012013

Configure start-up mode of your cluster SQL Services to Manual. Related posts: Best Practice No.23 SQL Tip-2 | Make Sure the startup type of your SQL Service is Automatic* Best Practice No.13 Best Practice No.7 Best Practice No.11

Jun 202013

Change the recovery model of your databases to SIMPLE where you don’t need point in time recovery and don’t wish to configure Transaction log backups also (Testing Databases etc.) Related posts: Best Practice No.5 What is Checkpoint in SQL Server? Best Practice No.7 Best Practice No.11 Best Practice No.8

Jun 172013

If you have to use Profiler on your production SQL Servers – filter as much as you can, configure profiler from a remote machine and do not save the profiler trace on the same production box. Rather prefer using server-side trace. Note: Profiler is deprecated now, start using Extended Events – they are very light [Read More]

Jun 132013

Rebuild can certainly remove Fragmentation but if the page count is less than 1000 pages, Rebuild is not required. Related posts: Best Practice No.9 Best Practice No.5 Best Practice No.1 What is Checkpoint in SQL Server? Best Practice No.13

Jun 102013

Configure your anti-virus to exclude all your Database related files namely (mdf, ndf, ldf, trn, bak, log, tuf and other files) Related posts: Best Practice No.6 Best Practice No.7 Best Practice No.5 SQL Tip-3 | Don’t Shrink your Database Best Practice No.1