Nov 122012

Hi Friends, Last week I took a webcast “Tap is the only Solution Ver.2 (SQL Server Resource Governor)“. The webcast was very well received and there were a lot of questions regarding the Demo and the scripts. So in this blog post I’ll provide all the scripts to implement, test, tweak & remove Resource Governor. [Read More]

Nov 042012
Free SQL Server Webcast | Tap is the only Solution Ver.2 | 08-Nov-2012

Tap is the only solution – Ver. 2 Scarcity is the fundamental economic problem of having humans who have unlimited wants and needs in a world of limited resources. Alternatively, scarcity implies that not all of society’s goals can be pursued at the same time.Just like Water the Server Resources are also getting scarce and [Read More]

Oct 052012
How to choose a profession?

Hi Friends, Choosing a career is not a rocket science but the decision should be yours & unaffected by all other forces. I don’t know about rest of the world but here in India almost every other student chooses a career without even knowing what is actually expected out of them in the given profession [Read More]

Sep 042012
SQL Server Day | Gurgaon | 8-Sept-2012 + Hiring Drive for Microsoft India cordially invites you to SQL Server Day, the quarterly dose of SQL Server knowledge & learning. And after multiple successful events in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai & Delhi NCR, we are coming to Gurgaon, once again! This time SQL Server Day event has been customized for SQL Server Developers. We bring you 3 rock star [Read More]

Jul 162012
SQL Server Day | Bangalore | 28-July-2012 cordially invites you to SQL Server Day, the monthly dose of SQL Server knowledge & learning. And this time we are coming again to Bangalore. We bring you 2 rock star speakers and 2 intriguing sessions. This is yet another opportunity to learn maximum from across India. Sessions are spread across Business Intelligence, [Read More]

Jul 142012
Where are my system databases?

Hi Friends, In last post, we saw that we can very easily use powershell to connect to SQL Server instance and see all the available databases (, but by default powershell maintains security and hide all system level databases. Now the question arises how to list\view system databases in powershell. Well to do this, all [Read More]

Jul 132012
How to Connect to SQL Server using Powershell

Hi Friends, In this blog I’ll show you how to connect to SQL Server using Powershell Step-by-Step. There are basically two ways to connect to SQL Server, A. Using sqlps utility from Powershell.exe B. Using SSMS context menu option   Let’s review both: 1. Go to command prompt\cmd and type Powershell.exe & press enter. This [Read More]

Jul 082012
Quotes in Powershell

In General Quotes are considered to be there just to let interpreter know that the value enclosed within quotes should be treated as a single string. But in reality there are many other uses and types of quotes supported by Powershell. The two types of Quotes are Single Quotes and Double Quotes. Let’s say we [Read More]