Mar 212016

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 introduced 14 new built in functions. These new functions are: Conversion functions PARSE TRY_CONVERT TRY_PARSE Date and time functions DATEFROMPARTS DATETIME2FROMPARTS DATETIMEFROMPARTS DATETIMEOFFSETFROMPARTS EOMONTH SMALLDATETIMEFROMPARTS TIMEFROMPARTS Logical functions CHOOSE IIF String functions CONCAT FORMAT In addition to the 14 new functions, one existing function has been changed. The existing LOG function [Read More]

Mar 192016

Hi Friends, Have you ever noticed, while taking a compressed backup the file which gets created initially has a different size than the final file size when the backup completes. To be more precise, the file which gets created initially allocates more space than the final backup file size.   But the question is why? [Read More]

Mar 172016
Unable to open Maintenance Plans in SSMS

Hi Friends, A few days back, I got a backup failure alert regarding one of our most critical SQL Instance. I quickly connected to our jump-box and took a session of the server to diagnose further. From the job history I concluded that I need to modify the maintenance plan in order to fix it, [Read More]

Mar 032016

Hi Friends, There are a few changes in SQL Server 2012 in Memory Manger, and a DBA should be aware of such changes before upgrading or installation of SQL 2012 Instance on production. In Earlier versions of SQL Server (before SQL 2012) SQL Server was also consuming memory outside of the limit defined in Max [Read More]

Feb 292016

Hi Friends, Yesterday I was working on a specific requirement of a client to create DDL trigger for a Database to log & validate certain things. While doing so I discovered there were already two DDL triggers created on the DB for the same event. Now I was not sure which one will be triggered [Read More]

Feb 182016

Hi Friends, As you all know AWE has been deprecated and not available from SQL Server 2012 (Find details here), as a result when you upgrade from SQL Server 2008 R2 to the next version of SQL Server,you cannot use more memory than what the virtual address space limits in 32-bit instances of SQL Server. [Read More]

Feb 162016

Like we already know, Windows-based applications can use Windows AWE (Address Windowing Extensions) APIs to allocate and to map physical memory into the process address space. AWE allow 32-bit operating systems to access large amounts of memory. Memory that is allocated by using this method is never paged out by the operating system, provided “Lock [Read More]

Feb 122016
Calculate Number of Leaves – excluding weekends

Hi Friends, Sometime back I was answering questions on TechNet Forum when I saw an interesting and genuine problem. The user wanted to calculate the number of leaves taken by an employee excluding weekends. Now calculating the number of leaves wasn’t a big deal all we need to do is just use datediff function but [Read More]