Feb 022016

Hi Friends, As you already know, the auto update statistics feature of SQL Server relies on number of rows changed or updated to determine if statistics update is needed.  The statistics of a table will only be automatically updated if the number of rows changed exceeds a threshold. AutoStat Threshold The sysindexes.rowmodctr column maintains a [Read More]

Jan 282016
Find Jobs scheduled to run during a specific time range

Hi Friends, Today I was going to raise a change which was related to SAN Migration for one of our production servers. The affected server will not be available for almost 3 hours. I prepared the plan and asked Mr. X to look into this & execute the change during the weekend. Mr. X happily [Read More]

Jan 222016
Error while opening SQL Server Configuration Manager – Fixed

Hi Friends, Today I again experienced the same old frustrating error while opening SQL Server Configuration Manager on one of the SQL Servers. Refer the screenshot below. The error says:  Cannot connect to WMI provider. You do not have permission or the server is unreachable. Note that you can only manage SQL Server 2005 and [Read More]

Jan 122016
Resolving – Disk Missing Issue for TempDB with a Twist

A not so common but major issue could be missing Disk\Drive issue for any SQL Server, If there were user DB files on that disk chances are you’ll lose some data if the same Disk is not allocated again to you, Moreover you have to bear downtime. (Though there are some exceptions to it which [Read More]

Apr 132015
LepideAuditor Suite Review

It is a Robust and amazing product which meets all your Instance and DB level auditing requirements. Report scheduling, Alerts and getting custom reports in your mailbox are a few out of the box features which makes this product outstanding.

Oct 202014
Tech-Meet by Delhi User Group | 01-Nov-2014 | Gurgaon

Hi friends! Delhi User Group presents Tech-Meet, your chance to learn Hot technologies from Industry experts. The half-day free event for professionals in Delhi NCR includes a great line-up of industry-recognized speakers. The event will start at sharp 9:30 AM and security takes time so please be on time to skip the line and grab [Read More]

Sep 172014
Screen cast of SQL Server VM Creation on Microsoft Azure

Yesterday one of my friend asked me the process to create a SQL VM on Microsoft Azure, though the process is quite simple and easy but he asked me to help him since he never worked on Azure platform before. So this screen cast post is for those who never worked on Azure and want [Read More]

Aug 182014
SQL Server data files on Azure | Configure Azure security

Before we even start discussing about this feature we must have an idea about Azure Storage accounts and how the security works in Azure. You can access your Azure storage account linked container because you are the owner, but let’s say you want to share this access (full or Partial) for a blob/container with someone [Read More]