Hi Friends,

Here are a few scripts which i shared recently on TechNet Gallary, Hope you’ll like them. Do let me know your thoughts about these scripts. You can also leave a comment to request a required script- i’ll try to write it.

S.No. Script
1 Calculate Leave working days(excluding weekends) in a table column as a default value
2 Find Jobs scheduled to run during a specific time range
3 Job execution status report with reason of failure
4 Create SubDirectories for Databases with DBName+Date  i.e., Master06_03-2012
5 Free Space and Space Used Report For all Databases of a SQL Instance
6 List of users who have DBOwner Database Role in all databases
7 Custom Logic to execute Query for Selected or All Databases
8 Query to find SQLServer Database File Growth Details
9 T-SQL Script to take SQL DB backup on Cloud Azure


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