9 Jul

SQLServer Day 20th July 2013 | Gurgaon & 3rd Aug 2013 | Bangalore

Hi Friends,

SQLServerGeeks.com cordially invites you to SQL Server Day, the monthly dose of SQL Server knowledge & learning. And this time we are coming to two cities in India; Gurgaon & Bangalore. We bring you 5 rock star speakers and 5 intriguing sessions. This is yet another opportunity to learn maximum from SQLServerGeeks.com across India. Sessions are spread across Business Intelligence, Developer & DBA tracks, so there is something for everyone to come and learn. Events are hosted at Microsoft premises in respective cities so that your experience is fabulous. Register Fast and block your seat. It is absolutely free. Also forward this email to your friends and colleagues to spread awareness. (For clarifications, please write to mamita<at>peoplewareindia<dot>com) !

To Register visit: http://sqlserverdaygurgaon20july2013.eventbrite.com/

Hurry Up –Register Now – you definitely don’t want to miss this event.


See you at the event.

1 May

MS Webcast | Lunch Time – Implementing SQL Server AlwaysOn | 15-May-2013

I’ll be delivering a Webcast on AlwaysON in the new Lunch Time series.

Lunch Time is a new talk series scheduled for every alternate Wednesday exactly during the Lunch Time. And the presenters of this talk series are the Most Valuable Professionals. This would give the audience a good platform to learn from these exceptional technical leaders and give product feedback to Microsoft through them.

Hurry up Register Now!

To Register: https://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032545159&culture=en-IN

LunchHour-ALWAYSON Webcast

19 Dec

Blessed with a Baby Girl

Hi Friends,

If you are following me or my activities you might have missed me for last couple of weeks, I was actually busy with my family and now since everything is normal I want to share a good news. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl on 4th of Dec-2012. Party smile

My Sweet Little Baby
My Sweet Little Baby

It was really a tough time for both (my wife & kid), since she’s a premature baby there were some complications but with God’s grace now everything is back to normal (sort of). And there is another good newsWinking smile, you’ll again see me in action very soon. Smile

We are planning our schedule for the next calendar Year (2013) & we’ll bring some new enhancements to our website (SQLServerGeeks.com).

Till Then Happy Learning!

1 May

SQL Server Webcast on Log Shipping

16-may-2012 log shipping-2

25 Oct

SQL Server Day – Bangalore, 15 October 2011

SQLServerGeeks.com delivered its 3rd SQL Server Day event in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Sudhir Rawat from Microsoft featured in our events for the 2nd time and delivered a rocking session on Denali Business Intelligence. This was followed by Sarabpreet Singh delivering a session in PowerShell for SQL Server. His Powershell expertise was much appreciated in SSG’s last event in Gurgaon and thus, he carried on with the form. Amit Bansal delivered the 3rd and final session on the day de-mystifying a few things about Locking Architecture in SQL Server. We had a fun-filled day with the 80+ audience really participating so well. Our consistent turn out shows the popularity of our eventsSmile.  We cherish organizing such events and will continue to do so in the future for SQL Server community.


More pics on http://www.FaceBook.com/SQLServerGeeks

1 Aug

SQL Server Day – Gurgaon, 30-July-2011

SQLServerGeeks.com delivered a set of rocking sessions on SQL Server Day at Gurgaon on 30th July 2011. We had more than 80 people turning up for the event – all SQL Geeks! Sarabpreet and Amit delivered sessions on PowerShell & Database Testing respectively. The sessions were very well received by the audience.

The highlight of the day was the debate on “Whether Cloud Computing is a hype?” And we were overwhelmed to see the participation of the attendees in the debate.


IMG_1076 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1085IMG_1086 IMG_1094IMG_1095 IMG_1096IMG_1097 IMG_1099IMG_1106

10 Dec

SQL Server Day – Delhi, 05 Dec 2010

SQLServerGeeks.com hosted its monthly dose of SQL Server knowledge & learning in Gurgaon on 5th Dec 2010. This was another opportunity to learn maximum from SQL Server Geeks. The event was hosted at the Microsoft premises in Gurgaon.

The event kicked off with Sarabpreet Singh’s session on Implementing Database Snapshots, which was targeted at DBA’s to make them understand how to implement snapshots in their current environment and the usefulness of it. Amit Bansal gave a lecture on Deploying & Securing OLAP databases targeting it towards the BI Developers & IT Pros to let them know more about the OLAP world. The session focused on Deployment and Security techniques. After this session we came to the last session of the day addressed by Rajni Kant Ranjan from Wipro about Data Synchronization using Replication, which actually focuses on the Developer’s audience to show how to replicate the data from database into the applications with proper synchronization.

It was a a fun-filled day for all, besides the event we also had a great photography session. Heartfelt gratitude goes to Rishu Mehra, M. V. Priyank & Col. Dhanaraj Saripalli for coordinating the entire event so smoothly.

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1 Aug

Microsoft Community Tech Days (CTD) 11-July-2010

I am glad I got an opportunity to speak at Microsoft Community Tech Days, Delhi. This event was attended by around 300+ IT pros and Developers. Microsoft organize CTD every year. This was the first time I was presenting in front of so many professionals that too in a auditorium. The event took place in south Delhi, SCOPE Auditorium.

I presented on the new version of SQL i.e., SQL Server 2008 R2. Multi-Server Management is something which will help every organization in long run.